The Hands that Unite Abidin DİNO and EMOT

“The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Abidin is his hand drawings. Throughout his life, he drew hundreds and thousands of hand illustrations. Starting from his youth, in all places he went and under all circumstances, he produced hands, using materials within reach and giving them all sorts of forms. The artist’s fingers have molded shapes to create such hands that eventually the word ‘hand’ is recognized as Abidin’s signature. . . As different from Morandi who painted still-life paintings during the course of his life composed of fruits, pottery, and bottles, Abidin glorified a human organ. . .  Throughout his life he drew and painted hands that make us human, hands that produce, create, kill, caress, touch. The hands contained all that he desired to articulate through the art of painting. . . ”

This is what Ferit EDGÜ writes of Abidin DİNO and his “Hands”. . . We all know him and indeed, characteristically through his “Hands” that we know him. . . A painter, caricaturist, writer, film director, shortly, a versatile man of culture, Abidin DİNO, who lived from 1913 to 1993, held exhibitions in countries like France, Algeria and the USA alongside his native Turkey while serving as the honorary president of the French Association of Plastic Arts and a consultant at the New York World Art Exhibit. This “fascinating intellectual,” who was once asked, “Can you paint the picture of happiness Abidin?” by Nazım Hikmet, created for us the picture of hope with the logo he designed for EMOT (Hand Microsurgery and Orthopedics and Traumatology) Hospital…

Giving life to the “Hands” brings us together

In 1991, when EMOT Hospital was in the process of being established as the first private specialized hospital in Turkey under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Arslan BORA and Prof Dr. Sait ADA, accompanied by specialist physiotherapist Firdevs TETİK KUL, Op. Dr. Fuat ÖZERKAN, Dr. Osman SEÇKİN, Prof. Dr. Veli LÖK, Dr. Recep KANT, Op. Dr. Aziz PEKER, pharmacist Özcan OYAN and Assistant Dr. Bengü KANT, Abidin DİNO was contacted through the distinguished journalist and writer Müşerref HEKİMOĞLU. He was genuinely inspired by the aim of our hospital.

He agreed to give support to our dream which we were firmly trying to materialize by saying “Stitching an injured finger, hand, arm or leg is like giving wholeness to a torn world” and he designed our present logo, called “The Unity of Fingers.”

Carrying out scientific studies within the framework of ethical principles, providing continuous in-service training to our employees and high quality education to our young colleagues are the raison d’etre and the founding principle of our hospital. In order to experience science and art simultaneously and express our respect and gratitude for Abidin DİNO, we have a ceramic sculpture of ‘The Unity of Hands’ at the entrance of our hospital and a permanent “Hands” exhibition in our meeting room. Also displaying them on our calendars every year, we keep the memory of Abidin DİNO and his “Hands” alive.

In loving Memory of Abidin DİNO, who passed away in 1993, and of Turkeys’ pioneering female journalist and writer Müşerref HEKİMOĞLU who died in 2010.

The world is worth “giving wholeness”