Internal Medicine

✦ Internal Medicine

We diagnose the Inner System and Organ diseases (Internal Diseases) suffered by our adult patients based on experience and knowledge, and provide their treatment and follow-up. Moreover, we cooperate with other units and provide a wide range of service in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of upper and lower tract diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, renal diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes and rheumatic diseases.

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Internal Medicine

We objectively approach to your problems with accurate diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Patient trust and satisfaction can be ensured with the right approach, correct tests, accurate diagnosis and the treatment administered thereafter.

Diabetes and Hypertension

Just as in the case of Essential Hypertension, uncontrolled blood glucose levels eventually cause the damage called atherosclerosis, that is, arterial stiffness, and thus, high blood pressure. Consequently, damages occurring in the arteries of the heart, brain and kidneys lead to serious health problems.

Diabetes Related Vision Disorders

“Retina”, consisting of a capillary vessel and very sensitive nerves called sensors, is a network layer at the back of the eye. Both hypertension and unstable course of diabetes causes damage in this sensitive layer. Visual impairments are very serious problems caused by tiny bleeding spots, retinal tears called detachment, formations called yellow spot (macular degeneration), or all of these.

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