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Diagnosis and treatment processes are carried out meticulously with expertise at the neurology department which is a comprehensive unit on nervous system, brain ad muscular system diseases.

Neurology Neurology Neurology
Neurology Neurology Neurology

We are on your side for the diagnosis and treatment of your Brain and Nervous System Diseases.

Early diagnosis is of vital importance in the treatment of neurological diseases. As soon as you detect symptoms of a neurological disease, we recommend that you should consult a specialist.

How are Neurological Diseases Diagnosed?

Since symptoms of neurological diseases are very similar to each other, it may be a little difficult to make the right diagnosis. In order to diagnose a neurological disorder, diagnostic methods, such as tomography, physical examination, magnetic resonance imaging, direct roentgenogram, biopsy, neuroendocrine assessment, ultrasonography, lumbar puncture and electroencephalography (EEG) are used. These diagnostic methods are chosen in accordance with the existence of symptoms. Symptoms of diseases inform us about which diagnostic method to use.

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