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Today, advanced technology in radiological exams, such as magnetic resonance (MR), computed tomography (CT), ultrasonography/Doppler ultrasonography and digital radiography, has brought radiology to an indispensable diagnostic stage in the management of diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Radiology Radiology Radiology
Radiology Radiology Radiology


1.5 Tesla MR apparatus, Low-dose multi-detector CT scanner, 2 Fully Digital Radiography Units, Images of Leg Length and Scoliosis, 2 Digital Mobile Radiography Devices, 6 Ultrasonography Machines, 4 Scopy Machines, DEXA Bone Densitometry Equipment

How are the Images Archived?

All images produced by various devices are transferred to the digital image archiving and communication system (PACS) installed in the central computer system, archived in this system and can be reached from anywhere in the hospital via computer screens. In cases of emergency or if necessary, it is possible for the doctors to access images of patients through this system via their personal computers outside the hospital. All radiology reports are saved in the central computer system, and all images and reports are transferred to E-Pulse system within E-State system as well.

I Have Previous Medical Records, Should I Bring them with me?

Coming to the hospital for an examination, patients’ bringing their previous radiological records, reports and images (ultrasound, CT, MR, x-ray), and having their passcode for the E-Pulse system to reach previous investigations will be very helpful in terms of diagnosis and prognosis.

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