A precious organ that produces, feels and communicates, our hand is a remarkable structure that allows us to perform many things from truly delicate movements to clutching things tightly. We use our hands, which are an extension of our brain, for every task to survive; since they are also the limbs with the most nerve density, we have the exceptional advantage of doing things without even using our eyes. For this very reason, unfortunately, they are the organs that suffer the most injuries and any injury to or loss of the hands leaves us at a huge disadvantage. Even the slightest laceration on this enormously vital, sensitive, and functional limb should be treated with caution.

With our expertise in the hand surgery and microsurgery field, as EMOT, we use the treatment that aim to enable you to make use of the injured, smashed, or even severed fingers or hands as functionally as before. Apart from accidents, we carefully treat complications arising from over usage (nerve entrapments, calcification etc.). EMOT hospital will assist you with its perfectly organized team in the field of hand surgery comprising rather detailed and demanding operations and thorough post-operation processes.

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